CAR: French public fears “mission creep” as operation drags on


When President François Hollande ordered French troops into the Central African Republic
ostensibly to avert a “genocide” by Muslim rebels who had seized power, the operation
was named “Sangaris” after a butterfly to reflect its intended brief life.
Almost three months later, the French parliament is to vote tomorrow on extending the
operation, amid claims the government underestimated the potential for a backlash by the
Christian majority the troops were sent to protect. Continue reading…


“We are working on behalf of all the Rwandan victims”: the genocide hunters

Alain Gauthier, a retired French headmaster from Reims, is living out of a suitcase for the next five weeks. He is staying in a borrowed apartment in Paris while he and his Rwandan-born wife, Dafroza, attend the ground-breaking trial of an alleged participant in the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Continue reading…