Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby played on the Edinburgh Fringe throughout August and is now transferring to London.  The one-woman show is a delicious romp into the dark heart of the food industry and was inspired by my novel Food Fight. A mother-daughter relationship is at the core of the story about sugars, addiction and a food giant gone rogue. In the novel the mother is the narrator, but in the play, the story is told by Mimi, a vegan activist.

Here’s a short extract from the show.

We were delighted with the the press reviews. The review in The Scotsman praised the exceptional talent of actress Holly-Rose Clegg and described the show as a “smart little satire by a powerful all-female team.” And here’s the review by Broadway Baby, which said the “compelling plot” is “well acted with enthusiasm, energy and engagement.”

We were also thrilled with the feedback from spectators who described the show as “riveting” and “brilliant”. Simon O’Hagan, from the Radio Times, tweeted: “Remember the name Holly Rose Clegg, compelling and astonishingly versatile in Anne Penketh’s dark comedy Sugar Baby.”

Holly-Rose Clegg played multiple roles in the show. She is quite simply astounding.

Katie Haigh is the director. All three of us are Brits based in Paris. Holly-Rose trained in Commedia dell’arte before taking stage and TV roles in France – including playing in an episode of the crime drama Spiral (Engrenages). She’s performing in Molière’s farce, Le Médecin Malgré Lui, in Paris. Katie is an actress and voiceover artist who starred in the acclaimed musical comedy, La Sorcière Ephémère, which played at the Avignon festival and on tour round France. You may have heard her as the voice of Nespresso…

Here’s an interview I gave to BBC Radio Lancashire on the day of our opening show in Edinburgh. The interview is at 3h 38 mins.

If you missed the show in Edinburgh, you can still book a seat in London from January 9th to 13th!