Mum has dementia and now Dad’s dead she will have to sell her home. Why?

Britain operates a cruel health lottery that discriminates against dementia patients. Struggling families need social care. Read more


The World This Week, March 2 2018

Edition of March 2nd 2018 on France24, talking about Theresa May’s Brexit speech, the disappearing centre left in Italy and Germany, Trump, steel and guns, and Xi Jinping becoming China’s strongman, watch here

The World This Week, October 21 2016

on the France24 weekly show. Part 1 talking about the Mosul offensive and US election

Part 2 talking about Brexit and the latest outburst from the Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte


The World This Week June 17 2016

The weekly show on France24. Part 1, talking about Brexit and the impact of the murder of British MP Jo Cox

Part 2, talking about the Orlando massacre and hooliganism in France during Euro2016