Food Fight

Food Fight Cover

Cover design by JD Smith Design

The year is 2009. Barack Obama is in the White House. British marketing executive Susan Perkins, estranged from her daughter and suddenly widowed, transfers to Washington DC looking for hope and change. But then her food multinational goes rogue. Betrayed by her employer, her quest for justice takes in Washington, London and Brittany, sexual harassment, attempted murder, the corporate greed of Big Food and a chance of reconciliation.

Read the First three chapters:

Here’s some advance praise for Food Fight:

“This addictive novel is closer to real life in Washington DC than we’d like to think. Fun yet insightful about the lobbying and politicking in the American capital, this take-down of a fictional American food giant is irresistible. Dollars to donuts, it will be the sleeper hit of the year.” David Usborne, The Independent

“Erin Brockovich with chocolate. A heart-warming and very funny voyage to the dark soul of the food industry.” Angelique Chrisafis, The Guardian

“Bite into this crisp and bitter-sweet first novel. Enjoy the exact flavour of life as we now live it. Savour the odyssey of an able young woman through its heartaches and delights.” Godfrey Smith, novelist

“Lightly told, this timely and provocative novel is a dark tale that will interest anyone who has ever wondered what happens when the pleasures of the palate intersect with the politics of Big Food.” Meg Bortin, author of Everyday French Chef blog

Food Fight was described as “witty and astute” in a June 2015 review by The Hill Rag, based on Capitol Hill in Washington. Read the full article here:

Read the op-ed I wrote for The Hill, the paper that covers the US Congress, saying that it’s time to get tough with Big Food on sugars.

Here’s an article I wrote for the New Zealand Herald about the health dangers from hidden sugars.

This is a link to my interview about Food Fight with Radio Catskill.

Here’s a feature I wrote for The Independent about Big Sugar and me.

More information is available on the Facebook page of Food Fight: a novel.



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