Welcome to my website. I’m an Amazon bestselling author and my latest murder mystery set in Norfolk, Play Dead, is out now. It’s the third police procedural featuring DI Sam Clayton, Norfolk’s most repressed detective, and his team from Anglian Constabulary. This time he’s investigating murders in which players with a Norwich orchestra are apparently being killed by their own instruments…

Play Dead is published by Joffe Books which also released the two earlier novels in the series, Murder on the Marsh, and The Bad Sister. I’ve been busy in lockdown working on the latest investigation of Clayton and his team. Please click on the Books page here to find out more.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site.

My Twitter handle is @annepenketh

You can also follow my wanderings as @penkaroo on Instagram

22 thoughts on “Home

  1. I read both your articles in the Guardian about your struggle with Alzheimers. I’m surprised you didn’t mention CHC funding. There are thousands of us trying to get it for our relatives with dementia. Please sign our petition and maybe think of writing another article for the Guardian. We need the publicity. Thankyou.


    • Hi Karen, thanks for getting in touch. I did indeed mention it (although not in so many words) in yesterday’s piece but that was cut from the newspaper version. The online version is here on my site. I totally agree with you about how difficult it is to obtain CHC funding, and Mum is one of the thousands so far deprived of state help. I’m going to sign the petition right now.


  2. I just spotted your name on a Guardian article and realised I knew you as a child. Our parents were friends and holidayed in Cornwall. I have memories of long bike ride rides with you and picking up discarded flowers from the compost at the back of church yards! I lived in Sale. Now I live in Canada just east of Toronto. I’m a retired kindergarten teacher with 5 grandsons. My name when you knew me was Jillian Toose. Think we might have met once when we were at uni in London. Best wishes , Jill


  3. Hi Penk!!
    This is Marianne (ex CBC/NBC etc). Remember? I missed you on SKY News today but Rod said you were great. Would love to hear from you.


  4. Dear Anne Penketh I was very interested in your comments on tomorrow’s French elections on Sky News today. I shall certainly be looking out for your articles in the Guardian. I’m also looking forward to buying your crime novel from my local bookshop when I’m next back in the UK.
    By the way, is your surname Lancastrian or Cumbrian? It’s obviously Celtic; “pen” or course means “head” as it does in Welsh and “keth” is a cognate of “coed” in Modern Welsh, means “woods”.


    • Dear David, thanks for your comment, and indeed my last name is Celtic and the family hails from Lancashire, hence my accent too. I’ll be appearing again on Sky News from 5.30 UK time this afternoon. I hope you enjoy Murder on the Marsh, the next in the series is due out soon! all best, Anne


  5. I just finished Murder on the Marsh and really enjoyed the book. I like the “peek” into everyone’s life. There were enough characters to make the story engaging but not so many to be confusing. I really appreciate how a good writer can tell a story, make me feel like I’m there, then braid it together in the end.
    My thanks and respect,


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